US government bans many flavored e-cigarettes

In the USA, certain e-cigarettes that taste of fruit or mint may no longer be sold. However, the ban is less strict than originally planned.

President Donald Trump had announced as recently as September that he wanted to introduce “very strict” regulations – but now the sale of e-cigarettes in the USA will not be restricted as much as planned. In the future, the US government wants to ban those models that are particularly popular with young people. Specifically, this concerns e-cigarettes with already filled cartridges in flavors such as fruit and mint, the regulatory agency FDA announced. After the expiry of a 30-day period, companies that violate the sales ban are threatened with fines.

Thus, contrary to what was originally announced, this does not affect liquids with such flavourings, which can be used to fill other e-cigarettes with small tanks themselves. The flavours tobacco and menthol are completely excluded from the restriction.

In justification of the ban now announced, the FDA announced that it wanted to take action against the increasing use of e-cigarettes among young people, but at the same time to take account of adult users who wanted to get away from conventional tobacco products with e-cigarettes. Only recently, the United States raised the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21 years.

In the USA, the death of dozens of people after using e-cigarettes has caused concern. According to the US health authority CDC, more than 50 people have already died, and the number of those who have fallen ill is thus more than 2500. The US state of Massachusetts has completely banned the sale of e-cigarettes for the time being until January 25.

However, the health complaints seem to be limited to users in North America. No similar increase in lung damage has been reported in Germany or Europe. In Germany, the composition of the active ingredients of e-cigarettes is more strictly regulated than in the USA. (Read here in detail: How dangerous are e-cigarettes?)

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