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Tabex Club Membership

Tabex (Cytisine)

Tabex 100 filmtablets x 1.5 mg Cytisine complete course of 21 days

Tabex Shop smoking related

Tabex Club Cytisne stop smoking aid

Tabex Membership Club for extreme savings. Not required to order.

1. Membership for $10.00 off

Tabex smoking cessation course is 25 days with a pack of 100 tablets. Stopping smoking is difficult. Course with Tabex may be repeated in 2 – 3 months again. Membership makes sense if the intention is to order more than five units in a year. We have observed people pooling together to order multiple units, or for other reasons, and therefore we have made this savings option available if pertinent to your situation.

2. Receive discount code

  • Receive personal discount code.
  • Enter the code in step 3 for immediate discount.
  • Discount is $10.00 off each unit..

3. Place orders at club price

Order prodcut with or without membership code.

Tabex Club rules

  • Membership Club offers $10.00 discount off per unit.
  • Club membership is $50.00 per year.
  • Personal code is issued and immediately active.
  • Orders are placed at this web site.
  • Orders are shipped out of Bulgaria.
  • Shipping cost is in addition to product cost.
  • No tricks. No gimmicks.
  • CANCELATIONS of Membership is available within a month if no orders have been placed. Bulgarian Rose Club
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