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We are glad to be able to offer in your quest for smoking cessation these carefully selected items to improve your health and wellbeing. Good luck from us!

Respivax polybacterial immunostimulator

Respivax polybacterial immunostimulator of the respiratory system.

Humanofort whole body recovery

Humanofort whole body recovery and natural anti-aging therapy.

Humanofort whole body recovery

Phytin for improved work capacity, elimination of fatigue, body endurance.

Tribestan for the reproductive system

Tribestan for reproductive system of men and women. Effective, exceptional.

Humanofort whole body recovery

HempCell for relaxation, better sleep, heavy metal detoxication.

Chlorofresh chlorophyll drops

Chlorofresh chlorophyll drops. Internal purifier, detoxifier and deodorant.

Gengigel mouth spray with Hyaluronic acid

Gengigel #1 treatment for oral lesions recommended by dentists and doctors.

Steviagum White natural chewing gum fresh breath

Steviagum White natural chewing gum fresh breath with Xylitol and Stevia.

Steviagum Fresh natural chewing gum

Steviagum Fresh natural chewing gum fresh breath with Xylitol and Stevia.

Humanofort and HempCell are shipping from the US. The other items are shipping out of Bulgaria. The shipping fee is minimal with postal service airmail.

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Humanofort anti-aging

Oils and aromatics

Energix the energy booster


Hempcell rejuvenation
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