Cytisine Substance

Item # EB0280-103-11

Cytisine description

Cytisus laburnum plant for extration of Cytisine

Cytisine substance has a mechanism of action similar to the effect of nicotine, but with rather low toxicity. It can substitute nicotine substance, which shortens the period of interaction of nicotine with the respective receptors and hence leads to a gradual reduction and elimination of existing psychic nicotine dependence in smokers.

Molecular mass: 190.24

Physicochemical indices of the finished product

¤ Appearance crystalline powder
¤ Color white or lightly yellowish
¤ Odor odorless
¤ Taste very bitter
¤ Melting temperature (C°) 154-157
¤ Solubility
in water slightly soluble
in chloroform slightly soluble
in ether practically insoluble
in alcohol slightly soluble
in acetone slightly soluble
in benzene poorly soluble
in amyl alcohol poorly soluble
in benzine practically insoluble
¤ Specific rotation (2% aqueous solution) 120.0 - 123.0
¤ Purity indices

¤ Limpidity and color of solution

the solution of the drug (1:20) should be limpid and colorless
sulfates content (%) not more than 0.04
chlorides content (%) not more than 0.02
¤ Sulfate ash (%) should not exceed 0.1

Cytisine how supplied?

The substance is filled in tightly closed orange glass flasks of 500 g and placed in cardboard barrels


Bulgarian State Standard

Expiration term

Five years site

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